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Your footprint, our DNA

With over 30 years in the industry of interior design, finishing and furniture production, our ability to bring forth our clients' ideas and turn them into stunning reality has allowed our company to enjoy an excellent reputation in the Egyptian market. Our wide range of services gives our clients the flexibility to pick what suits their needs, each customer can rely on a personalized service that fully meets his/ her expectations. With innovative architecture, contemporary design, authentic yet functional decor, our meticulous attention to details, prompt delivery, and the furniture being all in-house manufactured with high end quality - our team made Conception succeed. Crafting fine woods for doors, walking closets, cabinets, entertainment units and tables has been one of our core businesses for three decades. Today, our expertise encompasses the manufacture of cutting-edge modern furniture produced with the use of state-of-the-art designs, machinery and materials to come out with our marvelous high quality woodworks that we present proudly to our clients. Thanks to Colab, our design arm, we are able to provide the full range "turn key" services: design and build, consultancy, and wood works.

Our List of Services:

1.     Turn Key Projects and Finishing (Design & Build)

2.     Design/ Consultancy

3.     Wood Works

4.     Furniture and Material Power Shopping